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Tired of the same old routine? It's time to shake things up! Join our Pole Family for a life-changing workout.

Bored of working out at the gym, or running on a treadmill, counting down the seconds until you've done at least 1 hour at the gym?

Join the Pole Dance Fitness Revolution and put the fun back into your workout. 

Dance and fly your way to fit


We Do

In our studio we offer Pole Fitness and Dance, Aerial Arc and Flexibility classes. We are open every day (except Sunday). Group classes, private and studio hire, ease of payment. In a relaxed and enjoyable environment.This is the most fun way to get fit!

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Thank you for you interest in joining our Family Pole Dance Portugal. To proceed with booking please follow this link.

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Pole Dance & Fitness

Pole Dance is not only an icon of sensuality, it is also a great sport to keep your body in shape. On average in a Pole Dance class you lose between 300 to 500 calories per hour.



Have you ever dreamed about having your splits and backbends? Increase your flexibility, for better posture, greater muscle relaxation capacity and reduction of the risk of injuries. 

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Private Classes

If you would like to learn a special choreography, or try our Aerial Apparatus (Aerial Lyra, Silks or Aerial Moon), or you are going to a Competition. Take our private classes, available just one to one, or for a small group of friends.

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